What does the Earthquake in Nepal and the Riots in Baltimore have in common?

April 30, 2015

There is no direct correlation between these two events however, they both have something in common. These events were mostly unexpected and they both caused substantial bodily injury and property damage. In the event of the Earthquake there is no one who could be considered liable for that event, although if it was here in the United States their could be some lawsuits over how buildings weren't constructed to withstand earthquakes. As for the Riots in Baltimore very few of the rioters were caught and of the ones that were they likely have no assets to go after to compensate the people who's properties were damaged. That means that if you didn't have your own insurance in place at the time of the occurrence then you lose those assets that were damage or stolen.

Aaahh yes, that dreaded word insurance. Of course no one likes paying insurance premiums because for the majority of people they pay in quite a bit more than they get out. But every once in a while something unexpected happens and boy is that person glad that they have insurance. Just think of those businesses in Baltimore, their properties were broken into and everything was stolen out of the buildings and then the buildings were set on fire. Many of those business owners would be out of business if it wasn't for their insurance policy.

Okay so maybe you won't see riots or earthquakes where you are but could your business or home catch on fire? Could a tornado damage your property? Could a sinkhole swallow your house? Yes these types of events seem so random but that is what insurance is all about.

Before you pay that next insurance premium, STOP and give me a call at Definitive Insurance Solutions; we're here to help you protect your assets.

Joe Hershey