As the owner of Definitive Insurance Solutions I am committed to providing my clients top quality insurance products that are custom designed for your individual needs.  We are the Definitive answer to asset protection.

We want to protect what matters most to you.

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<b>About Definitive Insurance Solutions</b>

About Definitive Insurance Solutions

I personally started this company with the goal of being able to provide a combination of superior coverage and lower than average pricing to specific segments of businesses and individuals. By specializing in offering services to targeted segments in the insurance industry my staff and I get to spend our time getting to know you and your asset protection needs as opposed to spending time learning how to insure your exposures. After all insurance is ultimately all about you and your asset protection.

This specialization also allows us to - have multiple companies that are interested in insuring you and your business or personal exposures, provide superior pricing and the ability to know and understand your exposures to loss. We will custom design insurance policies that will meet your specific needs for your Business insurance, Auto insurance or Home insurance.

<b>Our leading areas of specialization:</b>

Our leading areas of specialization:

Commercial Property insurance designed for tenant occupied commercial buildings. This would include insurance for Strip shopping centers, Office building insurance, Warehouse insurance and most any tenant occupied commercial building insurance. Apartment building insurance is for apartment building owners looking to insure their properties. This program is designed for buildings with at least 3 units per building, incidental 1 and 2 unit buildings can be written as part of an account with qualifying buildings. Contractors insurance is for both artisan contractors and general contractors. This Contractor insurance program is designed for the contractor that has employees and is running a business and is not designed for the contractor that does it all himself. Restaurant Insurance designed for restaurants that also serve alcohol. Many restaurant programs allow alcohol sales up to 25% of total sales receipts. However our program can handle up to 75% alcohol receipts and still remain on a preferred package. Yes we have insurance companies that will take higher alcohol sales but not at discounted pricing. Hover over the Business Insurance button at the top of this page to see some of our other areas of specialization.

Many agencies take a once and done approach to writing an insurance policy, however, the business world changes constantly. For companies to remain competitive, they need to be more nimble than ever. But identifying and creating organizational change is never easy. So often changes are made and those changes don't get communicated to your insurance agent. Often those changes create gaps in your asset protection plan, my team will help you keep your protection plan up to date by providing you regular written communications, regular coverage reviews, questionnaires and more.

Definitive Insurance Solutions can help you if you need insurance in Mount Joy, PA or in any part of the Pennsylvania. With technology today we are as close to you as your phone, internet or email. This website was designed to help you transact business with us even when we are not in the office. For those of you that prefer a face to face meeting please feel free to stop by the office.

I look forward to working with you.


Joe Hershey, CPCU, CIC

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