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Don’t Let Life’s Wild Cards Take Away Your Home

Have you ever:

  • Seen an uprooted tree rip a home apart?
  • Smelled the stench of sewer water a foot high in your home?
  • Been a target of the mother of all wild cards, a lawsuit?

Each one is an ugly event.

You not only risk your home and hearth but your health and the well being of your family if you fall victim to one of life's nasty wild cards.

In fact, the life you loved could disappear in the aftermath of tragedy that befalls your home, especially if that even isn't covered.

The standard Homeowners Shouldn't ever be standard

The most common mistake made by insurance agents is to just gather the absolute minimum details and provide pricing for a "Standard" Home Insurance policy. Yes the "Standard" Homeowners policy has generally become a broader policy as changes have been introduced over the years, but that same policy has also been modified to restrict coverage in many ways. If your policy hasn't been customized to cover your personal needs you likely have uninsured gaps.

Take warning if you have any of these exposures:

  • Finished Basement areas
  • Fire Arms
  • Antiques (including furniture)
  • High valued portable electronics (tablets, notebooks, audio devices, phones, Etc)
  • 4 Wheelers
  • Tractors
  • Children's electric vehicles
  • Electronic data (music, videos & data files)
  • Collectibles
  • In home businesses
  • Jewelry
  • and far more

Homeowners Insurance is much more than just property insurance

The liability portion of the homeowners policy covers you and the liability of your resident relatives (your family that lives with you). This liability is both liability arising out of the ownership of your home, the associated land and it even follows you off premises. Do you play golf, fish, ski, bicycle? If you do any of these (and many more) basic activities you could cause bodily injury or damage someone else's property.

These are a few more potential uncovered liability exposures: Do you have a teenager that mows lawns to earn income? Do you own a time share condo as a second home? Have an in home business (or garage)? Do you own any motorized toys?

Most agents and insurance customers are so focused on the potential property loss exposures that they miss addressing all of their potential liability exposures.

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Whether you are blindsided by a storm or a lawsuit, thinking afterward about what you should have done before the event is for the reckless.

The responsible know better. Remember, we are all just one card shuffle away from the devastation of having to start over.

Complete the Protection Savings Form today and let the professionals at Definitive Insurance Solutions stack the deck in your favor! We are friends with the people here. We know Homeowners Insurance. We also understand that what would take you 100 years to pay on an annual policy, you could be liable for in a five second tragedy.

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