Condo Insurance

As the owner of a condominium your condominium insurance needs in many ways are identical to that of a regular homeowner. However you also face some very unique exposures that can easily be insured incorrectly by an agent that is not familiar with the Pennsylvania Condominium Act and the exposures as they relate to the condominium Association.

If your condominium Association was formed prior to 1985 then you will need to look closely at what the Association is responsible for insuring and what you as the unit owner needs to insure. Prior to 1985 condo association agreements varied greatly from one Association to the next, after 1984 the condominium act of Pennsylvania standardized all condominium agreements for condominium associations formed 1985 or later.

In general if you're condominium Association was formed after 1984 then the condominium agreement states that the condominium Association is responsible for insuring everything that was originally part of your condominium unit. This would include cabinets, interior walls, plumbing fixtures, porches and Decks, Etc. But anything that is added after the original construction you will need to insure on your Condominium insurance policy. Examples may include an expanded deck, finish the basement space, upgrade the kitchen, Etc.

If you truly want to know that you have chosen the right condominium insurance then call the experts at Definitive Insurance Solutions, we look forward to working with you.


Joe Hershey